While I continue to faff about with the bodywork, Alan’s working on the car and discovering more and more things that I “really should have fixed.”


First we discovered mismatched CV joints -one lightweight one and one regular one with the lightweight one needing replacing.  Then there were the brakes that needed rebuilding – sticky pistons. Now we’re onto wheel bearings and this broken upright.


The old crossflow is down on power too according to the rolling road – only 90 bhp so we’re hoping that can be upped a bit with some cheap top end work as I’m fast running out of money.

So while Alan does his stuff, I’m now fitting the catches and latches and things that hold all the bodywork together.  Perhaps I should wait until I have the car back so that I have something firm to attach all the panels to, but on the other  hand I can get to both sides of the panels with it all off.  I’ll only really know if it’s all lined up properly when I try to fit it on the car. Oh well, you live and learn.


0 thoughts on “Work continues

  1. Mark Dalton

    Looking good Bob


  2. P Hubbard Yahoo

    Hi Bob

    Impressive work going on, I recon it would be cost effective if you joined a “Mechanics” course so you could do all the jobs!!


    1. Peter, I’ve been looking for one for years. I live in the West Midlands so you’d think there’d be loads about, but alas no. Last year I wanted a metal working course. The only one I could find turned out to be jewellery making! I’m sure there’s a market for these sorts of things.

  3. David Hunter

    I have a perfect cylinder head here Bob, just totally rebuilt and ready to fit…..Save some one hours of work..

  4. Anonymous

    I’m sure the investment in getting rid of these mechanical faults , and gaining some more power, will produce big dividends in 2014

    All the best


  5. David Hunter

    The upright can be repaired Bob, don’t sling it out..

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