Today I removed the tow bar since I have no use for it and it looked butt ugly. However, I am not completely happy with the result. Now  the rear jacking points (I assume they are jacking points) are very visible as they stick out beneath the bumper. I thought maybe something was missing or the brackets (which I removed with the tow bar) needn’t have been put back on, but looking at pictures of other RMs I see they all have these ugly little bars sticking out.

Sure they will look better when painted and rubber bungs found to seal their ends, but I’ll have to find a way of disguising them. Maybe a bar going from one to the other.

I was also surprised when I removed the top ‘towel rail’ to get access to the spare wheel, that the panel is not hinged. It’s a little inconvenient as there are wires attached to it so you can’t simply lay it on the ground while you get the spare out.

This is how the instruction book describes the action. He seems to be hinging it at the top, but this is not possible on mine as there are two locating pins at the bottom so you cannot swing it out.  Odd.



3 thoughts on “Towbar removal

  1. Hi Bob just seen your blog the brackets at the rear are jacking points the club supply rubber bungs to fit as original, the fixing of the number plate panel is correct, the photo is from an earlier car Riley changed it when they redesigned the car.

    1. Bob R-S

      Thanks Eric! Much appreciated. As you said, now’s the time to make it mine. So a few little changes 🙂

      1. The tow bar was made by a firm called Wattling for Riley cars I am sure someone in the club would like to buy it

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