My route from Birmingham was straight down the M40 to the M25 then the M20 to Folkestone’s Eurotunnel terminus. It took 3 hours exactly. I arrived over an hour early for the crossing I had booked but it was very quiet and they let me board early. Remarkable. But I guess that’s the bonus for leaving work at lunchtime on a Wednesday

My plan was to drive to Reims and find some cheap accommodation there. An F1 hotel or the like for under €50. However I couldn’t find anything and wasted an hour driving about so got back on the motorway and drove to a 24 hour Total service station at Troyes and slept in the car.

Yesterday I drove to Aix Les Bains where Jacqui and I stayed on the trip last year on which we took in the two Ferrari museums and the Mille Miglia museum.

Today I took my brother’s favourite route into Italy via Lanslebourg and then over Mont Cenis. From there it was onwards to Turin and Milan and of course Monza.

I’m staying at a Camping F1 camp site 45 minutes walk from the circuit. I know it’s 45 minutes because i walked it this afternoon, arriving at Curve di Lesmo just in time to see Second Practice in which Le Clerc beat Hamilton to top spot.

There’s a shuttle bus back and forth from CampingF1 to the circuit and I got that back which was very convenient. The campsite is much smaller than the one we stayed in at Spa, but it’s got everything you need including a good restaurant.

Here are some other photos from the day.

Spotted in Lanslebourg. A Venturi 260. When did you last see one of those! Me? Never.

I followed this Swiss registered Mk 2 Spitfire down Mont Cenis.

Near the top of Cenis.

Just parked on a side street near the circuit.

Even Friday was popular,

The restaurant at the campsite.

Looking forward to Qualifying tonorrow.

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