Stickers unstuck



Most of the Dulux and all of the stickers and fixings are off now and tomorrow I’ve got some special paint stripper arriving that won’t harm the fibreglass to get the last remaining bits off. Then it’s a case of rubbing down, repairing, priming and painting.  To save money I’m going to hand paint it again but this time will give myself more time and will rub down between coats.  No runs this time and no stickers next year and definitely no gorilla tape which was a right pain to remove.

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  1. Coming on nicely, spray painting will keep the weight down, brush painting might give you the equivalent of 20 coats of spray painting. Every little bit helps with getting those times down..

  2. So Bob – what colour will it be this time? It looked pretty good in the black on your headline picture.

  3. We have a spray paint area screened off in our barn. Chester has all the gear. I am sure you could use it anytime. Tracy

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