Saint Goueno Paddock Video 2013

Well this video editing business is much more time consuming than I had imagined.  This is the first video I’ve compiled and is just a montage of paddock scenes and I’ll probably have to change the audio track unfortunately.  I’ll do the racing sequences some other time, but right now I have to get ready for the Graham Hill Trophy Sprint at Curborough tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “Saint Goueno Paddock Video 2013”

  1. Hi Bob, brilliant video, enjoyed it very much. Is it possible that you can post it to Facebook. Best Wishes, David Hunter.
    ps, start saving now for next year..

  2. Well worth the effort Jo and something to remember for a long time. I just wish the UK events were organised like the French. They are not all as good as St. Goueno but they are all great hills….RedT.

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