The Van Diemen is at Aldon Automotive to have its brakes looked at and I am supposed to be getting on with the bodywork but I’ve been distracted, first with my other blog Cars on Streets and now with putting together the fourth and final video from our visit to Saint Goueno hillclimb in France earlier in the year, and of course there’s Christmas.  Have a merry one!

Van Diemen at Aldon Automotive
Van Diemen at Aldon Automotive
A photo from my other blog 'Cars on Streets.'
A photo from my other blog ‘Cars on Streets.’

The fourth video from Saint-Goueno…  Now this may seem like a random selection of 78 clips clumsily put together, but in fact it was shot over two days and should show the course, bend by bend, in order, from start to finish. But then again, it is just a bunch of cars going round corners. Love it!

The other videos are here:

1. Saint Goueno (France) 1st Video 2013  (The paddock)

2. Saint-Goueno (France) second video.  (The road down to the start)

3. Saint-Goueno (France) 3rd video  (The start and a sleepy dog)

0 thoughts on “Saint-Goueno 4th video

  1. David Hunter

    Great video Bob, thoroughly enjoyed seeing the last one in the set and of course you included me twice, thanks. Hopefully you can join us again next year..
    Regards David Hunter.

    Liked to picture of the street cars showing the Sunbeam Talbot 90 and the Austin A125 Sheerline. We owned both this model of car back in the day..

  2. Mark Paterson

    Thanks Bob,have a very merry “FFord free ” christmas,

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