Prescott hillclimb

Further to yesterday’s post, here’s a video of  me in the Fiat Panda 100HP Pandamonium taken by Craig Johnston, which he has kindly given me permission to use. I’m not proud so if you have suggestions as to how I can do it quicker, let me know.

If you have never been to Prescott, this is the bottom half of the course, which is mainly flat. It’s 1127 yards long and rises over 200 feet. What you see here is the section from Orchard, around Ettore’s Bend and on up to Pardon hairpin.

Here’s a map from yesterday’s programme.  (You may need to click on it to enlarge it.)

One thought on “Pandamonium at Prescott – Follow up Video

  1. Gerry Nicholls

    Bob, I’m no expert on spinting, but it seems to me you are leaving braking till very late, Have you mastered heel and toeing? (I never did!”) But you are losing too much speed going into the corner. You could try braking about 10 feet earlier, shifting to second (if the gearbox will stand it) and drive round the corner is second gear. To me, that’s a heel and toe moment, so worth trying?
    Keep it up- best regards Gerry (MX5)

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