I wasn’t competing today but we went along anyway and took a few photos.


This weekend was the American Automobile Festival. Here’s a Studebaker Starlight.


This is Whistling Billy, one of the many steam cars present.


Not sure anyone knows what this is, but it must have an MOT since it drove there.


Not everything had a V8 under its bonnet. Not everything had a bonnet.


There was an excellent aerobatic display.


Though this bird was unimpressed.


Here’s Les Buck in his Europa.


Panning again.  I’m getting the hang of it now.

IMG_2121 IMG_2125 IMG_2128 IMG_2155

It was Prescott so there were lots of Bugattis.


And a few more humble racing cars.


Here’s Alan Goodwin, who looks after my Lotus and the Honda S2000.


Next Saturday at Curborough will be my last event of the year and the final event in the HSA Championship.  I’m fifth overall and hoping to finish the year like that. Let’s hope it’s dry and I can grab a couple of extra points to stay ahead of those just behind me!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Bob. I think my line at Pardon was poor. It was ok taking a tight line in, but it was slow coming out with the inside rear wheel spinning. Always enjoy your photos though- Les

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