New Car.

Well, I have a new car! Sometimes I think that selling the Formula Ford and finding this has taken no time at all, and other times I think it’s been an age.  But before I reveal what I’ve bought, here are some of the cars I almost bought…


A Lancia Fulvia. It’s still for sale by the way from Targa Florio Classics


I also considered this Alfa from the same place.


And then there was the S2 Elise.  I chased a few of these.


And I was very keen on Westfields,  but dithered about and missed two very good cars.


I was quite keen on a VX220 but never actually had a test drive.


I went to see this nice little MR2. In fact we looked at a couple of these and I’d be much richer now if Id bought them (both).


And I considered getting another MX5, perhaps an 1800 Mk1 or even a Mk3 like TT.


After talking to Brian Marshall at MIRA I considered an old Porsche 944 and found this track day car on ebay. It’s still there.

saint goueno with alfa

And I contemplated getting another S2000 like Jacqui’s.   But in the end I bought…


Actually, I haven’t taken delivery yet so I’d better not tempt fate.

So is it a classic?  Well, it’s a modern classic.

Is it a roadgoing car? Yes, though we’ll be doing no holidays in it.

Is it ready to race? Yup sure is 🙂



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    1. Possibly Harewood. Certainly Blyton. Might be safer to drive it first at Blyton as there’s lots of run off and I’ll probably need it.

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