Well, I have a new car! Sometimes I think that selling the Formula Ford and finding this has taken no time at all, and other times I think it’s been an age.  But before I reveal what I’ve bought, here are some of the cars I almost bought…


A Lancia Fulvia. It’s still for sale by the way from Targa Florio Classics http://www.targaflorioclassics.co.uk/


I also considered this Alfa from the same place.


And then there was the S2 Elise.  I chased a few of these.


And I was very keen on Westfields,  but dithered about and missed two very good cars.


I was quite keen on a VX220 but never actually had a test drive.


I went to see this nice little MR2. In fact we looked at a couple of these and I’d be much richer now if Id bought them (both).


And I considered getting another MX5, perhaps an 1800 Mk1 or even a Mk3 like TT.


After talking to Brian Marshall at MIRA I considered an old Porsche 944 and found this track day car on ebay. It’s still there.

saint goueno with alfa

And I contemplated getting another S2000 like Jacqui’s.   But in the end I bought…


Actually, I haven’t taken delivery yet so I’d better not tempt fate.

So is it a classic?  Well, it’s a modern classic.

Is it a roadgoing car? Yes, though we’ll be doing no holidays in it.

Is it ready to race? Yup sure is 🙂



0 thoughts on “New Car.

  1. Anonymous


    When and where will the first event be for the new machine?


    1. Possibly Harewood. Certainly Blyton. Might be safer to drive it first at Blyton as there’s lots of run off and I’ll probably need it.

  2. A Nissan Z

    1. Good try, Chris, but no. Though Jacqui almost bought one instead of that S2000.

  3. Michael Joyce

    When do you take delivery so I can pop down and admire this mystery machine!?

    1. Friday 13th (!) looks favourite, Michael. I’ll let you know.

    2. Got it now. Pop round if you want to see it. Cheers, Bob.

  4. Tracy kirnig

    A kia sportage?

  5. Paul Kirnig

    Was it the 100,000 miles or 7 year warranty that did it?

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