A couple of weeks ago we visited Alonso’s museum in Northern Spain. I had a read a few  5 star reviews on Trip Advisor and was really looking forward to it. However, despite being a big F1 and Alonso fan I was disappointed. And here’s why…

The museum contains lots of F1 cars, which is good and interesting, but all look immaculate and have their engine covers on.  The museum also contains hundreds of Fernando’s helmets, overalls, gloves and boots (is that interesting?) and hundreds of trophies.  OK some of the trophies were unusual and interesting to look at, but when you’ve seen one huge silver trophy you’ve seen them all in my opinion.  There were a couple of short looping videos which were quite interesting and a shop and a cafe so why was I disappointed?  Because there was no real story. Because there were no captioned photographs showing memorable moments – great overtakes, accidents, power slides, Alonso in the bar with other drivers etc.  It was just a huge shed with his things in it.

I felt the same when we went to  the Schlumpf Collection in Mulhouse. Just too any Bugattis in one place. But the Le Mans museum on the other hand was full of old photos capturing moments from history and telling a story.

Here are a few of my photos…





What it needs are more photos like these….




And some interactivity. A simulator would be ideal or the opportunity to sit in one of the cars.  So, no five stars from me I’m afraid.

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