Mira Sprint


No photos this week as they aren’t allowed at Mira. No spectators either.

The weather was perfect on Saturday for round 14 of the HSA championship but it was all a bit of a waste of time for me and taught me a lesson. There’s no point in turning up at a fast sprint with short hillclimbing gearing.  I was getting on the rev limiter in top long before having to brake on three different parts of the track.  Very frustrating.

The best I managed was a 58.52  with a speed through the trap flat out at 84 mph.
(This speed wasn’t on the same run because the timing equipment didn’t record speeds on three of my four runs. Don’t know why.)

This compares with Nick Mugglestone in his particularly quick MX5 doing a 58.54 with a speed at the trap of 103 mph.  (Nick also did a 58.07). Another interesting comparison is Les Buck in his Lotus 61 (same engine as mine) going through at 99 mph for a 57.37 time.

Oh well, I won’t do it again. Turn up with silly gearing I mean, rather than Mira.  Not that I’ll get anywhere near Martin Jones’ 2006 time of 51.98 in his Jamun  even with the right gearing.

So what’s next? We’re off to St Goueno hillclimb in France this weekend (just to watch) then it’s a sprint at Curborough on the following Sunday for round 17 of the HSA championship. I’d have preferred to have done Loton and tried for that 59 second time again, but I’m in dire need of some HSA points if I’m to get anywhere near the top of the table this year.

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