Resultsman on Android Smartphone

There are some excellent photos of Loton on the Rhodopsin Photography website and I had to get the one of me with two wheels off at Fallow.

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Going off at Fallow.

A couple of people have emailed to ask about how I got the split times I mentioned in my last post.  These came from the Resultsman website. This is a great free service which is live!  Also, I have an Android smart phone and there is a free app available from the Market (App Store) which is absolutely brilliant.

Resultsman on Android Smartphone
Resultsman on Android Smartphone

Tomorrow is a big day. I’m not thinking of the Royal Wedding  but more importantly the long drive down to Cornwall to compete in the Suburu WRC Spares Werrington Park Hillclimb organised by the Plymouth Motor Club on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s just over 200 miles from Kinver and could be a horrible journey if everyone else decides to head down there too after the wedding for the long bank holiday weekend, but there’s no point in leaving too early as I don’t think there’ll be much to do there when I get there.

In preparation for the journey I’ve fitted a grill to the front of the Mazda as previously I had the radiator exposed and I’ve also reduced what I put in the boot to make more room for camping gear.  I’ve replaced the spare wheel with a can of gunk and the trolley jack with the standard MX5 one and put those two items and a selection of tools into a soft laptop bag instead of my toolbox.  I now have masses of room for tent, sleeping bag and clothes. In fact so much extra room I’m not sure what to do with it.

Replaced all on the left with the stuff on the right.

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