This was round 7 of the Loton Park Championship and going into it I was leading Class 2. There are ten rounds in the championship with the best 8 counting, but as I cannot do the last two because we are going to the Belgian Grand Prix all the rounds I’ll do will count. So today was quite important (as is tomorrow) and as rain was forecast I was not very hopeful of picking up good points. However, despite heavy showers and a wet track at times, my last run was dry and I managed a Personal Best of 65.91 in the GT86.

When I saw my time at the top of the hill I was delighted and thought I would be able to claim second in class to the very fast Richard Brant in his Clio 172 Sport, but just after me came Dave Newall (MX5) who did a 65.73 and when we got back to paddock we realised Colin Gascoigne (MG ZR160) had done a 65.42. So second, third and fourth were separated by under half a second and there was no prize for me, However, 8.67 points, ┬áis probably quite good (Difficult to know as you have to wait for everyone else’s results to be published) and certainly a lot more than I was expecting.

Here are some photos from the day.





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