Loton Park hillclimb drivers

bob 1000

Another great shot by Rob MacDonald. You can follow him on twitter 


Last week saw the GT86 Giallo on a different hill.

It seems amazing that last week we were driving across the Pyrenees in the Giallo and this weekend I’m thrashing it up Loton Park hill. What a great all round car it is. The great excitement this weekend was finding out what the newly resurfaced track would be like. It was damp on Saturday morning so most people were a little circumspect but we soon discovered that the grip was excellent – much better than before. However, despite this I could not beat my previous best time of 67.75 all day. I think I was a little wary of the edges of the track, which are more defined than before. There seems to be more of a step up to the tarmac whereas before the surface melded into the soil. I may also have been a little too cautious worrying about the bodywork of the car, having done so much damage against a French sapling. The trees in the Loton estate are sturdy old things. Anyway, it was all good fun and I returned on Sunday to try again. This time I beat my PB on both practice runs – 67.40 and 67.26 and was optimistic for a sub 67.75 time (and consequently good points in the Loton Championship) in the afternoon. However, it rained and my first competition time was slow – 70.22. Then lo and behold the sun came out, the track dried and it got hot! 66.58.  Brilliant! I either leave Loton completely elated or in despair wondering why I’ve wasted my whole weekend unsuccessfully chasing elusive hundredths of seconds. But this was a good weekend so after the GT86 is repaired (next week) I shall be back!

Here are some snaps…


I gave up my single seater because it was just too much work but Mark Dalton seems to have got it sussed.


Out of focus I know but the only photo I got of Mark on the hill. He set a PB of 52.27 and won his class.


A better photo… John Cottrill in the same class in his Pilbeam


It was a round of the Pirelli Ferrari Hillclimb Championship so quite a few roadgoing Ferraris were present. Here’s a 250GT recreation.


A classic Dino 308 GT4


And a more contemporary 430. They don’t always have to be red.


This is the best colour of course. A 308 GTB


After the second competition run at the top of the hill. Everyone very happy (except Dave who ran wide at Fallow and messed up his run).


None of us won a prize so Hugh treated us to an ice cream.

I forgot to say… my second competition run was red flagged because of a deer on the track so I got a re-run. That second run though was a 65 second time for sure.

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