Well I like these tyres!  Did a personal best in the GT86 of 67.75 and won the class.


The class I was in today was a Loton Championship class where we all have personal targets to aim for. These are set by the club and based on our best previous time plus 8 seconds. The difference between your actual time and your target is your score. This allows cars of different performances to compete against each other.  This is Mike Reece’s Impreza. My target  was 76.85 and I did a time of 67.75. The 9.10 points I earned was just enough to beat Mike, who had been leading until the last run.

20170521_083336 (1331 x 748)

Another competitor in the same class was the bat woman in her Fisher Fury. Unfortunately, despite the pleasure of seeing her photo in the programme, Peta had a miserable time, being very frustrated that she could not find the speed she knows it is capable of.


Peter Turnbull’s Porsche was not in our class but between runs I walked up the hill and snapped some of the others.


This is Michael Tregoning taking a tight line at Triangle. (Why can’t I do that??)


Pete Tatham looking good.


Spoke too soon.

I won quite a few awards in the Lotus at Loton but didn’t expect to get any in the GT86 so getting a second one this year was a real surprise.

Talking of prizes, here’s a photo of all the prize winners at Croft last weekend. That will be last time I win the Standard Class by default as the new tyres put me in the modified class where I will surely be at the back.

Back to Loton Park and let’s finish with a couple of two second videos made on my phone to give an impression of the beauty of Loton and the spectacle of a fast car thundering through the deer park.


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