Photo by Rob MacDonald.

This was the first event at Loton this year and I’ve entered the Loton Park Hagley Members Championship. In this championship you score points for the improvement you make over your target time so it doesn’t really matter that your car is not competitive in its class, just as long as you can improve your times over the season.

In the Lotus I regularly won prizes at Loton and thought those days were over now I  have the standard GT86. However, when I got home (I didn’t stay to the end as it was Jacqui’s birthday) I got a message saying I had won a second in class award. What a result! I doubt it will happen again this year because there weren’t many people at Loton on Sunday and Dave West and Fred Currell were somewhere else. Instead the class win went to Dave Newell in his MX5 with a time of 67.97 compared to mine of 69.04.

To put this into context, my best time in the Lotus was 60.21, in the Van Dieman it was  60.76 and the best I did in my MX5 was 70.??

Dave’s MX5

Next weekend it’s all very different. No beautiful deer park as a venue, but a three hour drive north to Blyton Park for the first round of the Toyota Sprint Championship.

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