20170325_114215Today was the first time I’ve taken the GT86 to Loton Park.   The weather was fantastic and it was good to see so many old friends again.  We got six runs up the hill and there were no incidents so the day ran very smoothly. I improved my times on each run so was pleased with that.  The car was good, but I do miss the power of the Elise for pulling out of slow corners and although the ride seems hard on the road if felt a bit mushy going up the narrow straight, not as planted as the Elise or indeed my old MX5 after I had the suspension done. The biggest problem I had though was the rev limiter which cuts the fuel supply when you hit it rather than allow you to hold the revs at the limit. There are other things to say but I am really pushed for time so I’ll just dump some pics here and an unedited video and be off. Tomorrow is the season opener at Loton and it would be great If I can improve on today’s time.


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