I took the Civic Type R to Loton Park today for its first hill climb.

This was the seventh car I’ve raced up Loton:  MX5, Van Diemen RF87 , Lotus Elise, Honda S2000 (once), Toyota GT86, Panda 100HP and now the CTR.

And it was the fifth class I’ve competed in: Roadgoing to 1400cc, Roadgoing to 2 litre, Formula Ford, Roadgoing space framed and non-ferrous chassis, and today the Rodgoing over two litre class.  (The CTR is under two litre but because it is turbo charged it sits in the over two litre class.)

First practice was damp and very slippery and it spun its front wheels at every opportunity. 73.94 seconds.
Second practice was dry – 66.19
First competition run – 64.46 getting better
Second competition run – 65.14 seemed smoother but was slower.

Although that was only good enough for 10th out of 14 in class, I was not too disappointed as it was the first time I’d competed in it and I had standard road tyres.

I think I did a 60.08 in the Elise so it’s miles away from that (at the moment) but it is faster than I achieved in the GT86, which we should expect of course.

The class was won by a Porsche 718S with a time of 58.74. Second was an Impreza WRX Sti and third an Audi S4 Quattro.


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