We spent the morning poking about Aix-les-Bains. It must have been magnificent a hundred years ago and is still quite wonderful today.

The glass ‘porch’ on this building caught Jacqui’s eye and then we noticed the coat of arms above.

I like the fact that Queen Vic gets a definite article in France.

Lots of once grand shops. I like photographing them.

And if I can slip in a car or bike, so much the better.

I bought a couple of postcards for my collection and my other blog – postcardsforpetrolheads.co.uk. Of course they too must have an incidental car.

Our departure was then slightly delayed by having to track down the locations.

My brother had recommended a good place for lunch on the way to Turin, up in the mountains on Mont Cenis overlooking a lake. We took the scenic route and because we left Aix-les-Bains late we didn’t quite get there, even for dinner. We’ll make it a breakfast stop tomorrow.

Tonight we’re in what clearly is a ski resort, though not in June – Lanslebourg, staying at Le Relais des 2 Cols Hôtel. It’s very quiet.

When we pulled in it was beginning to rain so we sat under the awning of a bar and had a drink then walked around the graveyard where there was a René Arnoux buried, though not the former F1 driver of course as he isn’t ready for a plot yet. F1 René was born down the road in Isère though, so perhaps a relative.

After a little siesta we popped out and wow! Where had this lot come from? We’d been the only car of interest in the town at 5, but by 7…

All British registered. I’ve still got the yellowest though.

Later edit for my mother who likes a map 🙂

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