Mazda on Track event at Finmere.

Took the day off today to do a Mazda On Track event at Finmere Aerodrome where I had an hour’s tuition with Steve Lewis. Very interesting.

Main thing we did was to induce oversteer and understeer in fast corners and get out of there fast with throttle control.  I tended to over correct with the steering wheel so it was interesting to try and balance things on the throttle.  Could be the answer to my Curborough woes. The other thing I do wrong is not look far enough ahead.  Other things to come out of the lesson was that I sit too far back (Stirling  Moss style) – Steve had me move the seat forward and bend my arms more and my steering wheel is too big (which I already knew but am too mean to change).

I left Finmere with no power steering. Not sure why yet –  oil level looked OK and belts were OK. I think it broke as were we doing doughnuts. Maybe the oil got too hot?  It was still not working when I got home. Anyway, well worth it.


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  1. Good luck for the forthcoming season, Bob.

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