Honda S2000
Me struggling to get lined up for the straight after completing the first lap. Photo by John Sheppard.


At the end of the last post I said I’d rushed to the post office with entries for the next Loton and for Curborough.  These were posted with first class stamps at the main post office in Stourbridge.  My entry for Curborough (to Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club) was never received, but I was allowed to complete the forms again and pay on the day so I did have a very enjoyable Sunday.  This morning I received a phone call to say my entry had arrived! That’s a week to deliver a first class letter!!  Anyway, enough ranting.

I entered the GT86 in the 1701-2000 cc Standard Class  and got thoroughly beaten coming 6th out of 7.  I could talk about tyres again and I could talk about some Standard cars looking far from standard with cages and competition seats etc, but the reality was that I never mastered the delicate balance between power and grip and found myself making a lot of tyre noise but not going quickly enough. It was fun anyway and with 5 figure of eights for £89 it was good value.

Here are some photos.

There were four S2000s competing and even more had come to watch. Mrs R-S is just about to put hers back on the road after SORNing it for the winter and is planning a wheel refurb so I was particularly interested in wheel colours. What will she go for I wonder?



Here’s Mike Hawley in a spin…

And regular blog reader Raymond Worrall…

There are always interesting things to see in the spectators’ parking area at Curborough too. Here’s a selection…

As old as me – a TVR Grantura.

But let’s finish with a bit of drama. This is how to drive it. Peter Shenton wasn’t fastest on the day but certainly provided the most entertainment.

(By the way, I took these vids with my phone. Not bad eh?)

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