Race Retro 2014

Had a good day at Race Retro in Coventry today…

Duncan Andrew's immaculate and super rare Elden Formula Ford. You don't see many historic FFs with inboard suspension.
Duncan Andrews’ immaculate and very rare Elden Formula Ford. You don’t see many historic FFs with inboard front suspension.
Renault 4CV
I like classic Renaults. This 4CV caught my eye but what I’m really after is its successor, the Dauphine.
D Reg Toyota.
D Reg Toyota. Who would have thought it would have survived.
Ford Capri
Big and Brash Capri.
Ferrari Rally Car.
Off-road Ferrari Rally Car. Why not?
Alfa Romeo
Terrible photo of the prettiest car in the show. Pure Style!
Another out of focus and too hastily taken photo of this 1961 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale. If you want better photos, see this onyoutube.
1984 Mazda RX7
1984 Mazda RX7. The rotary under the bonnet looks tiny, but obviously needs some extra cooling.
Lotus Esprit
Lotus Europa with Esprit body, a Rover V8 and skis on the roof.  Just the thing for RallyCross.
Triumph GT6
Four Eyes
RaceRetro 2014
Eight Eyes
BMW Eyes