Bay of Biscay Roadtrip

Many people tell me that the idea of spending their holiday in a car is their idea of hell, but I do like a good road trip. I like cars, I like driving, I like seeing new things every day on my holiday and I like the concept of a journey – heading towards a destination. Getting there. Achieving something. We’ve done a few good ones in our time including coast to coast USA, Abu Dhabi (UAE) to Salalah in Oman and Istanbul to Doğubeyazıt in Eastern Turkey (by bus). Tomorrow we’re starting another one. The Bay of Biscay.  At the end of it is Fernando Alonso’s Museum at Coruno in Northern Spain. It’s a 2,300 mile round trip according to Google Maps but will be further than that as we often deviate and get lost.

This is our route and I hope to post a new picture every day from my phone. And as this is car related blog and this is a road trip, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of a certain yellow Toyota GT86 Giallo. If you want to follow along, why not follow this blog by clicking the ‘Sign me up’ button.

The map below should be fully interactive. If it’s not on your device, please let me know and I’ll get my hammer out.

2 thoughts on “Bay of Biscay Road Trip

  1. Bob – a must see! La Rochelle, the harbour especially. I understand from recent visitors the U boat harbour (visible from the waterfront – long concrete building to the left – is no longer open to the public, as it’s now a French Navy prohibited area) – but worth a try.
    And, now a suburb of San Sebastien, Fuentarrabia, which when we went back in the sixties, was a right turn at the traffic lights in San Sebastien, but the highways have changed a lot since then. Head for the waterfront, where the old town is worth a look, and holds vivid memories for me.

    Looking forward to watching your progress, have a great trip.

  2. Raphael

    Not far on your route, I advise you to stop at Loheac if you can. (between Vannes and Rennes)
    They have an awesome museum (called Manoir de l’automobile) with many rare cars.

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