One thing leads to another and before you know it you have another garden feature. Someone offered me another Renault 4 for free if I could take it away this weekend, so I called Ollie and he came over last night and  we left at 5  this morning and drove to Winchelsea Beach in Sussex.  The car was in the back garden fast up against a wall and hadn’t been moved for a couple of years and the keys were nowhere to be found. So I had to disconnect the steering column and we manhandled it little by little, turning by yanking on the wheels, around the house and down a steep slope onto the road. There was a time when I thought we’d have to come home empty-handed, but after a couple of hours it was on the trailer and we were heading back to Kinver.

First impression is that it might be better than  the one I’ve got, so that a bit confusing. Jacqui thinks it’s another pile of ___ but I pointed out that it was a free pile of ___ and one should never look a gift horse in the mouth.


One thought on “Another Renault 4

  1. Anonymous

    Well done Bob. Noone can doubt your enthusiasm. And probably less trouble than that TVR from Saturday morning(?)

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